Strings Attached: Chasing a Musical Dream

Pune: A city of Nawabs, a hub for music, poetry and fine Persian cuisine, Lucknow. And from the city of culture, comes Rishit Chauhan. A music producer, guitarist and a budding singer. He started creating music at the age of 15, he has been playing the guitar for many years now and catering content on music platforms like YouTube and Soundcloud. For his audience, he is known for his sense of blending different genres together. Talking to The Business Front, Rishit spoke about his city, music and the power of social media.


When did it start, the motivation to create music of your own, to start this journey?

I come from a non-music background, hence, can’t cite one such moment where I felt like doing music. Although, while growing up I experienced that it was hard for me to focus on one particular activity for a long period of time, music turned out to be something which could get my attention for a remarkably long time. Also, that most important thing is that to achieve anything in life, you need tremendous hard work, when it came to music the hard work never felt like hard work. It is something, I can stick to without giving a second thought.

How is the support from family? What are their reactions? 

Initially like any other protective family, they wanted me to have a stable career. We had our own disagreements, and tussle in the family. But as they saw me growing in this field, they also got the confidence to encourage me to move ahead with my field of interest.

As an independent artist, what are the difficulties you face, what are the barriers?

There is a lot of hard work involved for an independent artist. Apart from the understanding of music and rhythm, you have to be well updated and equipped with the technology that goes into creating today’s music. You kind of has to be self-sufficient. When you are not associated with any big record label, marketing yourself is a difficult task. Uncertainty and fierce competition also act as a big hurdle.

You come from a city which caters classic music and is known for richness in culture and tradition. Is there any influence of it on your music?
As I have not taken any formal training, I grew up listening to music which was generally heard on TV and radio. So, the influence was more by the music around me rather than the cultural influence.

Now that we have social media, platforms where you can cater content to the audience like you use Soundcloud and Reverbnation.  How much has it helped you to reach out to your audience?

Social media platform has certainly removed the entry barriers for an artist. Reaching out to your audience is easier now from any part of the world. As an indie artist, we don’t have to wait for the record label to release our music. The time is right when we feel it’s right.

What are the factors which are involved in forming a band or creating music?

Any band or piece of music is the right blend of Talent and Skill. When you find the right people, collaborating and working together does the trick. And Of course, there is absolutely no alternative to hard work.
As a budding artist, what are changes you expect from the audience? The audience for indie music is niche. According to you, what are the factors which can help the artist?  

Appreciation can only come if you give it a chance. I hope the audience has access, and they do try different genres. I feel Indie music too has a mass appeal considering it is marketed well. Again, there is no alternative to talent and hard work.

 Is there any inspiration in your life for your music? any artist you follow? Any band which inspires you? What is the impact of the artist (if any)? 

Inspiration comes from my life’s experiences positive or negative; in a nutshell, life inspires me. And yes, any artist’s good and genuine work gives me the energy and inspiration to move ahead on my path, and artists like Coldplay and Vangelis supply me that kind of energy.

My last question is, what are the future plans, what is stored in the pipeline for future in terms of content?

We have myriads of wonderful genres like rock, pop, Hindustani classical etc. I am experimenting with different genres for my new tracks.


You can listen to Rishit’s music on Soundcloud and YouTube, below is the link:



With a belief that learning process never ends, and one should always be hungry for knowledge, he is set to create a name for himself  in the music space.


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