Baaghi Review: Tiger Shroff steals the show with action in this comedy of errors

Director: Sabbir Khan

Cast:Tiger Shroff, Shraddha Kapoor, Sudheer Babu

Running Time: 2h 30m

Rating: 2/5

Pune: Sabbir’s Khan’s Baaghi is a movie, where the director wanted to show just action in the whole movie but he also wanted to add some comedy and romance. So, he took an old formula of a hero, a heroine and a villain, with a bit of romance and comedy.

Cinematographer Binod Pradhan has done justice to action scenes, it is fantastic, the locations are exquisite, the art design is impressive.

Sabbir Khan’s Baaghi follows a plot in which, Rony which is played by Tiger Shroff falls in love with Sia which is played by Shraddha Kapoor. Sia has come to visit her grandmother in Kerala whereas her father Khuranna played by Sunil Grover plans to make her actress in Tollywood Industry. But there is a Thailand-based Indian Gangster who is in love with Sia too, and for that, he kills his father, bribes Sia’s father and abducts Sia to Thailand. That’s first half for you.


And second half follows with Rony rescuing Sia with his Martial Arts, which is also a combination of Kalaripayattu, Muay Thai and Chinese martial arts. Sudheer Babu has done a great job as a villain, he is subtle and convincing.

Shraddha Kapoor has done good work as a Baagi heroin with actions scenes of her own, but Sunil Grover as Sia’s father is a letdown, comedy characters are annoying, instead of giving us a break from the action sequences, they rather seem like torture with humourless jokes. Music in the movie is enjoyable and catchy.

The movies are a mixture of movies like Karate Ki, Bloodsport, Ong-Bak and The Raid. A movie filled with killing machines from South India,China and Thailand with tacky wigs. Till the time you reach the climax, you will be bored with scenes of broken necks and crushed bones.


It looks like a movie which wanted to prove that Indian Martial arts are better than Chinese, with rain giving a visit every time Hero-Heroin meet and about the dialogue ‘Itni bhi jaldi kya hai?’ Abhi toh maine start kiya hai’,which has been recycled because clearly the writing work was not considered important.

Tiger Shroff has taken charge of the movie, by his Martial Art skills, gracefully executive the scenes and emerging as the true hero of the movie. Apart from his, the movie is a complete let down.


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