‘Sairat’ : Yed Lavala

Director: Nagraj Manjule

Cast: Akash Thosar, Rinku Rajguru, Suresh Pawar, Tanaji Galgunde, Arbaz Shaikh, Chhaya Kadam

Running Time: 2 hrs 54 mins

Pune: It’s 10 am in the morning and the theater is fully packed, not for a big Bollywood movie but for a Marathi movie ‘Sairat‘. The film was already in news from the time its trailer was launched. It was screened at the ‘Berlin International Film Festival’ and it was well received there. The lead actress Rinku Rajguru got a nod for her performance in this year’s ‘National Film Awards’. The film stars new faces Akash Thosar and Rinku Rajguru yet the film opens amidst loud cheers and whistles of the audience as the ‘Hero’ enters the screen space running in slow motion like a Bollywood hero.


So ‘Sairat’ is a love story, which we have already heard of or for that matter seen in Bollywood movies. So what’s that thing that makes it different? Plenty! The way this story is told is applaudable, the direction is amazing and Ajay Atul’s songs make it more likable.


The first half is about the love story, fun moments, first-touch, writing letters, singing songs, ankhon hi ankhon mein baatein ! I am sure you will love and relate to it if you are truly romantic. Although we have seen all this earlier in many movies, the way Nagraj Manjule has narrated gives us goosebumps. Slow motion scenes, fast narrative and fresh faces with ample of humor scenes. Particularly the scene where the lead pair meets is amazing it will surely make you smile. Despite the story being based in the village, the actress(Archie) is portrayed as modern woman strong-willed, intelligent, who rides bullet, tractor and expressions to die for, whereas our hero (Parshya) is from a fisherman’s family, who is shy but hopelessly in love with Archie (Rinku Rajguru).


Whereas second half is something else altogether! It is heartbreaking, realistic and sad. The narrative gets emotional and real. The couple flees after their parents come to know about the two. But soon they face doubt, jealousy, regret. They are back together and that particular scene is amazing. The movie could have been shorter, the second half seems long in terms of length.


The film has new leads (Akash Thosar and Rinku Rajguru) who had never faced camera before and I must compliment them both for doing an exceptional job. They are admirably backed up by Parshya’s friends Tanaji Galgunde and Arbaj Shaikh who have shown amazing comic timing. Archie (Rinku) has given her first and best performance whereas Parshya (Akash) has shown what effortless acting really means.

Nagraj Manjule, the award director (Fandry) has again shown his fantastic work in terms of direction. Each frame, shot, is a treat to watch. Ajay-Atul has yet again given melodious album ‘Yed lagala’, ‘Sairat Zaala Ji’, ‘Zingaat( the audience was literally dancing in the theater).


Movies like this make cinema magical. This love story will surely leave a mark!


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