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Pune:It has been two years, and to be precise according to Karan it was 26th November of 2013 that they decided to take this journey. After knowing each other for 7 years, this duo Karan Nathani and Harshal Kothari decided to channelise their love for music and created the In5nite Project. Often it takes a lot of courage to feed your passion, despite 10-7 jobs now, they manage to create music, using all the spare time they get.

In their second year of their journey ,they got featured on the NH7 website under their ‘Upcoming Artists’ section in 2014. In the same year, they won the Sunburn Goa Contest, which got them to one of the biggest platforms for Electronic Music Producers in India, Sunburn Goa. Pune is the city  where House Music is growing at a rapid pace, and in that In5nite Project is trying to create a space of their own.

In our edition of bringing you the inspiring stories of music producers from different cities, here is one from Pune: In5nite Project


When did you start In5nite Project? What was the moment you decided to start it?

Karan – We started off in November 2013. We were sitting at a cafe near home and I’ve been wanting to get into DJing for a couple of months. I always believed in now or never. So I spoke to Harshal since he used to DJ years before I even thought of considering it as a career path. From that day, I remember quite precisely, it was the 26th of November, that’s when In5nite Project started.

Harshal – I began DJing in 2009, and I had stopped in the middle since at that time, at least in Pune, House Music didn’t have much of a following. I’ve known Karan since 2006, and in November 2013, we got together and started the In5nite Project

How has been the support from family? What was their reaction?

Karan – Our families have been our backbones. My mom and dad have done nothing but support me through everything, whether it’s been for a little encouragement, space, time, energy, they’ve been there. And they’re happy that I’m pursuing what I love. And since I’m from a musical background my granddad is pretty happy as well. You could say it’s in the blood. haha

Harshal – When I started off in 2009 since there wasn’t much scope, my dad, in particular, wasn’t fine with it. He wanted me to quietly complete my education and get a good job with a good pay. But when Karan ran this with me, and I told my parents about it later in 2013, they seemed more accepting of it. And since the journey so far has been so fruitful, they’re more than happy that I’m pursuing my dream.

Now that we have social media, it provides different platforms to cater content to the audience. Does it help?

Answered together – It definitely has, it beats going through mediums of traditional media and the reach is way-way more with a little less effort. So yeah, it really does help!

Can you explain us a bit which genre in EDM you guys follow, and by which genre your music is influenced?

Karan – We actually like all genres, but we’re more inclined to progressive house, groove house, and trance. We’ve grown up listening to the likes of Cosmic Gate, StadiumX, Deadmau5, Thomas Gold, and still love it!

Harshal – It’s a bit of a journey, from house to psychedelic, from psychedelic to trance, from trance to uplifting, and now we’re basically into all genres, preferably bass house, groove house, future bass, progressive, and the likes of it.


Which artists you follow, and why?

Karan – I’m really fond of the stuff that Sick Individuals, Tom Staar, Kryder, Thomas Gold, and basically everything that Marshmello makes. Haha. These guys have changed the dance music scene on a global level. Sick Individuals are really an inspiration to me. Their music is something I actually started to set out to make.

Harshal – For me, it’s no one else than Armin Van Buuren. His success story and his music, in general, is just inspirational. From classic hits like “Shivers”, “Communication” and “Unforgivable” really got things rolling for me. These days, Jack U is really nailing the dance music scene and I really love their music. Along with Jack U, I really like the music of Andrew Rayel, Alexander Popov, David Gravell, Super8 & Tab, Heatbeat and Aly & Fila.

 As a team, do you guys have differences while creating music? Like not able to agree on a point or more over something similar?

Both: Of course, we do. But sometimes it’s the differences that make us try new things and ends up getting us to where we want to be. A combination of melodic breaks with a catchy bridge and a kickass drop. That’s what we set out to make, well, not every time. We just end up making what we honestly feel like.

How important is local support for artists? In terms of music houses and events.

Both: It’s HUGE! We believe there’s no way for an artist to grow unless you have your local support. It’s really important to impress your city with the music you have to offer, eventually, things will just grow for you. For us, we still remember our first gig, at Swig. Sandy gave us a shot when we were just beginning, and we’re ever so grateful! Sandy is a great friend now and we love working with him.

You have played in different cities, which city has the best crowd according to you?

Both: We strongly believe, Pune has a kickass crowd. We’ve played in Goa, Solapur, and Pune, and a lot of other tours being planned. Pune is home to us, and we will always love playing on home turf.


Do you think EDM has become more commercialized nowadays? If yes, how can we fix that?

Both: I don’t think that’s how we would define commercial music. Music only becomes commercial if it’s a SUPER hit. And if you’re called a commercial artist because you made a hit song, then why not? Each artist has their own taste, own music to share with the world. And we respect that. And the fact that there are so many genres and sub genres of Dance Music, we don’t see EDM going anywhere.

And often music festivals cater international artist to the audience. Do you think it can be changed?

Both: Well, a lot of festivals bring international artists down, but at the same time, India is growing at a superb pace, with the likes of Sartek, Kerano, Lost Stories, Zaeden, and much many more are taking their step towards international success. And the fact that both, national and international artists share the same stage at festivals in India, is a huge thing!

As independent artists, in terms of audience, content aggregators? What are the barriers?

Both:  Ahh, for us it’s just been 2 years, and we’re just starting off. Everyone has small hiccups that they face down the road, it depends on how you take it. For us, we take each step as a learning process, whether success or failure. It could be an empty club or play at one of the biggest music festivals in the nation. Everything is an experience, and we believe, that’s how you should take it.

What are things you think should be done to provoke the audience to listen and buy music created by Indian EDM artist?

Both:  We’ve always believed that someone somewhere will end up liking your music. You just gotta keep practicing and getting better, to deliver a better sound. The only way to provoke the audience to take that step of buying your music is to actually make good music. Once that’s done, you’ve got nothing to worry about.


Apart from creating music, you both are working in different firms. How do you manage?

Karan – Yeah, we’re both working 10 am to 7 pm jobs. It gets difficult, yeah, but the reason we’re working is to help us for the greater goal. But this doesn’t stop us from working every night post work to create and bring us closer to our dreams.

Harshal – By the end of the day, you’re so flushed, sometimes that itself brings you down. But we still manage to push ourselves and get off our lazy asses. It won’t come easy, but with the right amount of effort and time, it will! Even if we’re tired, we give at least an hour or two every day after work. And on weekends, most of the day is dedicated to long studio sessions.

What is in the pipeline? What are we hearing next from In5nite Project?

Ohh, we’re got a lot coming up. We’re releasing two songs within a month’s time. One is a progressive remix of Zayn Malik’s “Pillow Talk”, and one is a really really special one. We’ve collaborated with another artist from Kolhapur, Aditya Malve. This song actually took us one year to make, yeah, one year! The reason this is so special is that my sister sang for this song, it’s called “Never Be Alone” and is gonna be released very soon.

Which are the two EDM artists, EDM lovers should not miss out in India?

There are a lot of great Indian artists, but for us, we’d definitely say Kerano, Sartek and Lost Stories. These guys are true inspirations. Kerano’s recent track with Magnificence, “Breathing” hit #1 on Beatport, this is such a huge milestone for India! Besides that, Sartek’s incredible collaboration with Lucky Date, and Lost Stories making India proud at Tomorrowland and also their energetic remix of the classic, “Carnival of Rust” by Poets of the Fall. You’d definitely not want to miss out any performance by any of these guys.

You can hear their music on Soundcloud and Mixcloud, below are the links:


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