Udta Punjab Review: A ‘trip’ worth taking


It is a cool thing, they said in college, take a puff, when they passed the joint, stoned and hallucinating of things which are just imagination. The college parties have become more about smoking joints than communicating, music and friends.

Udta Punjab tells many intertwined stories, linked with each other that basically deal with a society constantly battling the ever-growing problem of drugs, that society being obviously Punjab.

A report in 2015 by Society for Promotion of Youth and Masses with Collaboration with National Drugs Dependence Treatment Centre of AIIMS’s, released report that 230,000 people in Punjab were drug users. In the middle of this vicious drug problem is Punjab. Drug addicts took Opium, then addicts moved to Pharma Drugs, later cocktails of Heroin and Pharma Drugs, and nowadays they have moved to Heroin.

The movie has captured, all aspects of society which are involved in this drug dealing, from police officers to politicians, from chemists to farmers, with the help of characters, director Abhishek Chaubey has shown the involvement of people in the whole system.

Shahid Kapor as youth icon & as Rockstar Tommy Singh aka ‘Gabru’ looks strikingly convincing. The actor played the role of a singer who is struggling with heroin, and who writes songs about drugs and gets fame, the youth worships him as a role model. As he says “I composed a song on drugs and you turned it into your philosophy. You are even bigger losers than I am”. Shahid Kapoor has played the character with poise and ease. The Rockstar of the movie has delivered light dark comedy with great persona.

Diljit Singh as a cop ‘ASI Sartaj’ is the real catch, his story revolves around his brother who gets addicted to pharma drugs and nearly escapes death, which makes him fight against the drug dealers and the system around it. You have to look forward to watching him as a Cop. And also go to watch his charming and poise acting.


Alia Bhatt has played the role of a Bihari hockey player migrant ‘Pinky’ , who has escaped her neighbourhood in search of a better life, and got trapped after she finds a bundle of heroin drugs in the fields where she works as a farmer. The recFotorCreatedeivers of the parcel torture her sexually and make her an addict of pharma drugs. She has done justice to the accent, dialogues and her character. Alia Bhatt as Bihari Migrant is brilliant, delivery of emotions, accent and dialogues at its best

Kareena Kapoor plays the role of Doctor ‘Preet’, who runs a drug addict recovery clinic, and also participates in anti-drug rallies. Kareena shines as a subtle, independent and courageous doctor.

The first storyline takes place when Tommy and Pinky meet, he has escaped a concert after he refuses to perform for the ‘loser’ crowd who hail him as a drug idol. In the second storyline, where ASI Sartaj’s brother becomes a drug addict and gets admitted in Preet’s clinic, together they investigate and collect proofs to bring out the truth to people and media.

Abhishek Chaubey has done a fine job in telling a controversial story, he has used characters which are closer to the audience & plotlines which are as convincing as the actual truth. Music by Amit Trivedi is moving, the music fills right in tone with the film. Benedict Taylor and Naren Chandavarkar have done a class job in terms of background music.

Udta Punjab has used, swag, morality, ethics and responsibility as tools to show the problem of drug usage in Punjab, the movie is worth the hype and controversy of censorship with all strings attached. You have to watch the movie for the performances, direction and striking storytelling.


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