Dear 24 year old, BREATH.

Well, where do I start? let me disappoint you first, it’s not an emotional post. Now, that we have established that, I will introduce myself first.

This is me! confident, vulnerable, and of course pretty as AF, as you can see.


And, this is also me. my inner tomboy , with the ‘happiest day’ smile, and of course those SHOES.


And finally, this.  This is real me. Happy, retarded, and those glares. That’s all about it.


Today, I am gonna turn 24!!!!!! And, neither getting married, nor having a kid, and even I want to know why kattappa killed bahubali?

So, by the time you hit your late twenties, you will suffer your way out from few horrible internships, few undeserving bosses, few heartbreaks, few marriage proposals, and of course few extra kilos of weight. And, it’s OKAY.

I want to tell all those people, who are clueless about their love life, career, and family, WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING?

Here are few things which you need to know before you cross 25 and die:

1. To start with its okay fart while laughing. No apologies to be made.

2. You are going to meet people who crave respect, to an extent that they will beg you in terms of eye contact, greetings, emails, and chips.

3. There would be managers who would favor one employee over another. Why? because they can. Also, because they are cunts.

4. You need to love your job, not people, not a company but your job. Because when things go wrong, your job will save you or the money which it pays.

5. Also, it’s okay to write Hi in the emails, don’t fall for the ‘dear’ thing. It’s a trap.

6. Stop finding true love, find good food instead. Works the same way.

7. And, It’s okay to faint when your crush says Hi! *been there done that.

8. You can drink 8 cups of coffee a day at work.  Until or unless you die, it is going to be all cool.

9. It is completely alright to leave a WhatsApp group, there are bigger things to worry about, like Sensex, War, and Fawad Khan.

10. I want you to take long showers. WHY? because you can period. Duh.

11. In this hassle, give yourself a break. Eat the damn ice-cream cup alone with no regrets.

12. Earn people, they will make everything alright. Also, they will buy you food.

13. Don’t worry about future, it will fall in place. Until or Unless you are a drug addict, you need to get your shit together.

14. You will get that babe body or you can always continue being the stud you are.

15. You will get what you wanted, the good boss, the good job, the good pay, and that cute little Pub, it will all happen.

16. It is never too late to ask for another piece of cake in a birthday party. Go get it.

17. Please start watching Game of Thrones, it will make you feel better. Plus, Jon Snow.

18. Younger siblings are slaves, they asked for it when they were born.

19. Nobody in this damn world knows you better than yourself. ‘Nobody’ does not includes your mother.

20.You are going to meet shit people like Shobha De, DELETE THE EVIDENCE.

21. Putting #lovemylife #lovinglife for a ice-cream in a picture is wrong, until or unless it’s fundae. Then its all  fine.

22. And, life is full of really good people and assholes. Basically, assholes.

23. Do not let anyone tell you that you are not enough, unless or until Batman says it, then you are a little piece of shit.

Dear 24-year-old,

Don’t let anyone in this damn world hold your happiness, keep it yourself. Fat, thin, chubby, whatever is your shape, you are beautiful. Go ahead, eat that extra cheese double chicken topping pizza. Laugh till your fart. Love like you are not going to see that person tomorrow. Steal kisses, demand hugs, and make mad love. Smile like a retarded loser who does not care about the world. Demand what you want, make no apologies for it. Answer when questioned, make sure you stand up for yourself no matter what. Say exactly what you feel, chuck the filter. Walk out of the room if it suffocates you with the person you love, it will save two people. Hug tight, it saves crying. And, after everything, BREATH.


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