7 Badass Woman To Root For In Game Of Thrones Today!

Game of Thrones was led by men since season one. Women were surviving wars, husbands, and wildfire. This season, it’s all about women. One woman ascended the throne at Westeros, one conqueror is heading towards a throne she deserves, one woman got her North back, one woman seeks revenge and vengeance at any cost. Welcome to the world of Game of Thrones, or say women who will ascend thrones.

Over six seasons, women rose from being underdogs to becoming leaders, either it’s Daenerys, Arya, Sansa, or Cersei. They have done everything they could for survival. But now, they all have command of the places they had to leave, of the homes they had to abandon.

They are mature, strong, and know how to get things done. This season, women will rise with more power and grace.

We list down the badass women to watch out for in next season of GoT. Brace yourself, feminism is coming.

Cersei Lannister:

No matter how much you hate her, she is one woman who would do anything to protect her children. She is the best villain GoT has given so far. With grace and brutality, she now sits on the Iron Throne. As becoming the new queen of Westeros, and inheriting the madness of Mad King, Cersei is going to be a wrong person to mess with. She drinks and burns people; fair enough.

Arya Stark

She is one kickass fighter. Now that she has returned in Westeros, with a training from The Temple of Faceless Men, she is going to be unstoppable with that hunger of revenge. Well, we all saw what happened to Frey…

Daenerys Targaryen

The boss queen, conquering one city after the other, Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name,

The Unburnt,The Queen Across the Sea, The Dragon Queen is worthy of every title possible. Next season, she is heading to Westeros, and we can’t wait for what this conqueror does next. Dracarys FOLKS.

Sansa Stark

From an underdog to taking the North back, here you go one heck of a sassy bad-ass woman. From King’s Landing to North, her journey has been all about empowerment. First bound by love, the duty, and marriage, she has overcome a lot. She now understands that nobody can save; only you are master of your game. She is going to be one of the major players in the North.

Ellaria Sand

With poison being her most trusted weapon, she knows how to get her revenge. As she says, “Dorm will never be led by weak men. Weak men will never rule Dorne again.’ She saw the love of her life being crushed (literally) by the hands of Mountain, and now that she is in command of Dorm, next season is all about more poison and more revenge.

Olenna Tyrell

When you have swag and charm, you are never old. The oldest of all, Olenna Tyrell is Master queen. After her family and heir were wiped by Cersei Lannister, revenge is not the only thing she is after. With her sharp mouth and mind, she is going to lead politics for sure.

Yara Greyjoy

As Theon Greyjoy puts it, “She is a reaver! She is a warrior! She is Ironborn! We will find no better leader! This is our queen!” Yara is not only a decision maker but also knows the importance of family. With Daenerys by her side, some major queen BFFs scenes are coming, along with winter.

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