Coldplay: A dream you don’t want to get over

Have you ever stood at a place and never want to leave? You want to freeze the time right there for little longer. Last night was one of the moments you want it to last forever!

Since the day it was announced that Coldplay will perform at Global Citizen India, everyone has been trying to get tickets which were mostly free. More than 80,000 people turned up for the show, waiting desperately to see a band for who they waited years to listen. It was their moment, to see the band perform in front of their eyes, singing, playing, jumping, breathing, so surreal to believe. It was!

To be honest, I was a selective Coldplay listener, a person who listened to their famous songs when feeling little gloomy, or when someone played it at work.

But yesterday, I walked in with a lot of curiosity, as I had searched enough to see how they execute their concerts, watched them perform at different festivals. I wanted to feel the vibe these videos show, the feelings writers describe, the aura people speak about their gigs. And, Colplay was everything anyone has ever spoken about them.

For 2 hours, people had their eyes on them. People sang, laughed, jumped, cried, and gazed these incredible artists who were at their best last night. Chris Martin has such pure energy and love, which he threw all over the crowd. He sang like it was his universe, he could have made the crowd do anything, they danced when he asked them to, they kept away their phone when he asked, and clapped when he did.

He is one power pack performer, who takes performing on stage a little more serious than anyone else. He is the star of a storybook, telling the world fairytale with his songs, music, actions, and his smile.

Watching him sing along AR Rehman was magical, and will be one of the stories you will be telling to my kids that how lucky I was to witness it! AR Rehman is one artist who will give goosebumps every time he takes a high pitch, no matter how many times you have heard his songs. Even when I will be 90 and hear AR Rehman sing Vande Mataram will make get up and run for the concert.

I always tell people to attend festivals, live concerts, music gathering, because music never disappoints. You may love rock, you may love pop, you may love electronic, let be it whatever genre, find your tribe just go to watch them sing live. The experience will stay with you in your tough times.

The atmosphere will be an escape, you will meet people who care about nothing but music, you might never meet them again but at that very moment, you will find your happy place, you will be gazing and going through extraordinary feelings, one smile from someone will make you feel welcomed. You will find your happy feet, you will see a couple high on love, you will see two best friends matching the steps, and you will see a person not afraid to dance alone. You will see life at once!

And, You don’t have to be a fan of a particular genre to enjoy music, you have to be an audience for it.

I found my happy place looking at these colorful balloons above me. I hope, you find your happy place too!


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