Force 2 Review: Clichéd story, good execution!

Before I start, let’s establish one thing! Tahir Raj Bhasin is smokingly-swooningly-hot!




So, every movie in Bollywood  needs these elements by default:

  1. A movie based on India’s Armed Forces has to be about agents, like sooooo cool.
  2. Every mission’s sole motto should be defeating China in some form because the audience loves it.
  3. Every mission has to be executed in a European country because of cinematography! Cinematography! Cinematography!
  4. And, somehow every villain knows how to play at least one music instrument because, a bad boy who can create music is oh -so-sexy!
  5. We have to bring sexism because a lead female should have at least 2 dialogues in the movie bruhh!
  6. Every female lead has to have some connection with the Villain because we need to have a twist maaan!

When you have accepted these points as facts, every movie can be bearable somehow.

John Abraham is back as a Mumbai Policeman with good intentions and wallowing in remorse after he lost his wife. Sonakshi Sinha plays Intelligence officer KK, Kamaljit Kaur, of  RAW (Research and Analysis Wing), and they team up to catch Shiv Sharma played Tahir Raj Bhasin, who has his reasons to be hostile towards RAW and India.

Sonakshi is subtle but the show is stolen by Tahir. He is witty, smirkish, and intruding, which works well. Of the three, Tahir has the most command over his character. We did not see him as an actor but as the character.  I hope we get to see him in more movies.

Good thing in the movie is, they have not stretched romance, the editing in the film is crisp, no extra scenes. If the movie had not followed the cliched story and backdrop, it would be been a good cut.

Abhinay Deo has done justice to the story, he has put action and story line elegantly with good flow. Only, if the story had something original, and John and Sonakshi could play the characters not as themselves. Music by Ram Sampath goes well and keeps the momentum going.


But it is a good watch, you won’t feel bored and it is a one time watch.

It’s a 3/5.


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