Blue Jay Movie Review: A Nostalgic Journey To Rediscover A Glorious Past And A Romantic Road Not Taken!

Somehow I have started embracing my Sunday afternoon movie watch schedule, sitting near the window with sunshine falling on the floor and the mild cool breeze moving the curtains.

Netflix and chill have been taken seriously here. Pizza, Pepsi, and a movie have become a routine. I have been digging indie movies and I found out that not only it is different but quite brilliant. So, I thought why not write about it.

So, I had seen a random update about this particular movie and later I ended up watching the trailer, which led to deciding to watch it in one of the coming days. And, here we are.

I feel few movies have life within, they feel so familiar, so personal that it makes you miserable. You feel belonged to it because you feel that there are people who feel the same way as you do, even if it’s fiction.

It is a story of former school sweethearts Amanda (Sarah Paulson) & Jim (Mark Duplass), who run into each other after 2 decades in their hometown, at a supermarket in Crestline, California.

They take one-day journey remembering their time as high school sweethearts. It is one of the moments when you meet someone from your past, in which one person initiates, one hesitates, they struggle to initiate a conversation, force gestures but you can see a willingness to catch up on each other’s life. This awkwardness turns into deep affection later.

Jim, is in his late 30s, is the vulnerable one, he has been working in areas of construction and hanging drywall in Tucson, he has returned to the town after his mother’s death to clean & clear up the things. He is a childlike adult who is playful and is in midlife crises. The disappointment and angst have been shown purely throughout the movie. Whereas, Amanda is visiting her pregnant sister and is happily married to an older man who has two grown up children. She is always in control and the one who is seen as a sensible one throughout the movie.

They visit his mom’s house, most of the movie parts are shot indoors. In the house,  they go through his mother’s collection of romantic novels, his old clothes which she once wore, letters he wrote to her. One of the best moments is when they listen to an old tape where they acted as grown adults who are married with two kids, it is an emotional moment but they have handled it with poise. After a silence, he says, ‘ We weren’t very cool.’

‘No, we were deeply uncool.

They decide to recreate the whole thing and end up dancing to the Annie Lennox hit “No More ‘I Love Yous’, a moment so rich that it makes you cringe.

The movie moves ahead with the characters, Amanda is reserved, hesitant in the beginning but as the movie progresses she becomes interactive, high-spirited and her smile keeps getting broader. Jim becomes more and more sure of his feelings and slowly leaves his guard. They dance, drink, and talk.

Later, Amanda finds a unsent letter in the old clothes & keepsakes, it is addressed to Amanda by Jim and that’s when reality steps in fading away nostalgia. The climax of the movie is 10 minutes but the whole movie is build to do justice to that. 

In one single moment, they realize a mistake, a step not taken which lead to few unfulfilled youth dreams and cusps of middle age. A direction worth the watch, performances which win our hearts. It is a movie to fall in love with. 

You can watch the movie on Netflix.

Watch the trailer here:


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