Lonely Planet Movie Review: A Quest To Find Romance, Wanderlust And Perfect Breakfast!

We keep hearing from people, live your life to the fullest, travel, learn, and gain experiences. And, everyone tries to achieve it by travelling to places- ALONE. It is one of the best ways to know the world outside your aura, to experience something bigger, and to find yourself.

What would you do when you realize that life is too short? That you have very less time left in this world! Would you want to see the world as much as they can or would you spend your more with family, friends and their loved ones? Would you love more freely or would you detach yourself from any form of attachment? This movie questions exactly that. Alex Burunova has bought two beautiful ideologies into one story and it blends well.

The story starts with travel writer Julia(Nadine Nicole Heimann) giving us insights about traveling in Barcelona by city hopping. She has arrived from London leaving a relationship behind, it shows us a demise of an affair by deleting messages, tears being shed, and memories being deleted. Julia has a theory – no commitments, no feelings, and no heartbreaks, that you get bored if you get too much of something. She says places may get boring but they will never hurt.

One day she meets a handsome intruding Spaniard named Pau(Roger Batalla) while looking for a taxi. They have an instant connection, smiling faces make it evident. It ends in a ride in the taxi together, then spending the night together, later before she tries to leave he convinces her to stay for the breakfast, she tells him that she does not want a relationship, and insists that she will walk away without shedding a tear and he makes a deal to do the same. It turns into a proposal and a challenge to Julia by Pau to live her remaining three months in Barcelona with him to the fullest. And, I have to mention that Pau is charming, in an intruding way, which is sexy.

The movie shows us that instead of whining about past and uncertainties of future, building boundaries for yourself, and creating theories, you can take decisions in your conscious to enjoy the moment to the fullest, allow people, and wear your heart on your sleeve.

The actors have given such wonderful chemistry that the whole ordeal looks real, the feelings are raw, passion is real, and fragility is spontaneous. There is warmth in the relationship which will get under your skin, it will leave you with a sense of depth and satisfaction and very convincing philosophy of living in the moment.

The cinematography is beautiful, works perfect to the background of the story, music makes you wonder in your own thoughts. You will be connected to the characters in no time, the editing is crisp and not a single shot looks wasted.

I am too afraid of commitment, afraid to fall too deeply, and any emotional responsibility makes me feel suffocated. This movie will give a refreshing take on films based on a love story, that you don’t have to go all the way to fall in love, sometimes it right there, beside you, sometimes you will find on the way to somewhere, so just let it go and accept love. It is an exceptionally good philosophy, compelling cinematography, and extraordinary performance by the actors.

And, the time span is shown beautifully with the backdrop of beautiful Barcelona. And, when the time to leave arrives you are left with a question, will she walk away? BECAUSE YOU WOULD NOT!

Watch it here: Lonely Planet


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