Jimi’s Burger In Malad Is The Burger Paradise You Have Been Looking For!

FYI – This is me when I find a real good burger.

Now that we have established my love for burgers, let’s move on to the story. It has been few months that I moved to Bombay and as a foodie, I have tried to explore the city as much as I can.

But the biggest surprise came when one fine day, all exhausted, cursing every human on earth, I ended up at Jimi’s burger. Basically, the traffic was so horrible that I had to walk almost 1 km to my house and on the way, I spotted the place and decided to get some good food for my sad soul.

Jimi’s burger is a cozy, comfy and has exposed bricks walls and rusty decor.

And, there is always a line for the orders, there are 4-5 tables which are 4 seaters. If you go in large numbers it would be a problem but you can always take away and eat it at home. Non-Vegetarians can expect chicken, pork, beef and lamb burgers with chicken wings to onions rings, more to the side and Vegetarians have many options in the menu but not in large number (imma sorry).

So, I ordered the Jimi’s signature burger ‘The Jawbreaker’, it is the happiness you were looking for in your life. And, next 20 minutes, I was in a food heaven where all I cared about is this burger. The burger was juicy, spicy and delicious. It includes double chicken patties, double salami, double bacon, fried egg & cheese and dher sara pyaar.

So, if you are traveling towards the north (Kandivali & Malad), you must stop at Jimi’s in Evershine, opposite People’s gym. Not just this, they have meat cake also but you need to give the order in advance.  The burger is made of chicken pieces, salamis, bacon, and ham. You can customize as per your preferences. Here’s a look.

So, you know where to go for your birthday cake.

PC: Jimi’s Burger/Zomato

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