Mumbai & Bengaluru Police Are Winning Social Media With One Post At A Time!

In a nation where people are easily offended, don’t hesitate in starting social media war due to one misunderstood joke, start calling for boycott on any random humorous take, it is difficult to use it for a cause.

But, Mumbai and Bengaluru police have done it, they have not only used humor to create awareness but are nailing it too. They have been stars of social media since the started the campaigns to use trending topics to create awareness.

Below are the few examples:

Mumbai Police

1. Well, LOL.

2. You really don’t want to add more problems to your list.

3. ‘Wait for a minute’.

4. Joey knows things here.

5. Well, this is how you save a day. #Oscars done right.

6. This post won.


Bengaluru Police

1. Irrfan Khan meme could not be ignored.

2. You think?

3. Well, only if Pablo knew.

4. Potter, is it you?

5. Someone at Bengaluru Police headquarters really loves Game of Thrones.

6. A lot.

7. Like, a lot.

Follow Mumbai Police here: Mumbai Police

Follow Bengaluru Police here: Bengaluru City Police

Cover pic: Zee News

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