7 Indian Comedians You Must Watch Them Perform Live!

Well, 2017 is almost over, winter is around the corner and life is still miserable. I know it has been a tough year for many of us but don’t worry because I am here to rescue. So, either you can cry over your problems or laugh it out, just the way comedians do.

Here is my list of comedians you must go watch live to feel good about your miserable life.

1.Zakir Khan – Bhai, Mera Break up Hogaya


2. Sorabh Pant – Justin Bieber & Ed Sheeran Vs Anu Malik & Govinda


3. Radhika Vaz – Why Ganja should be legal.


4. Biswa Kalyan Nath – Extroverts and Chaos

5. Kenny Sebastian – Me, My Mother & Our Maid


6. EIC – East India Comedy – EIC vs Bollywood


7. Aditi Mittal – Bra Shopping

Cover Picture: YouTube

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