10 Life Lessons You Should Learn From Game Of Thrones Characters!

We have seen characters grow in the show, becoming the personalities which could never think of. A princess turned into a badass woman, young bastard became King in The North, and a dwarf became Hand of The Queen. The show has given us multiple storylines, has taken us on a journey of transformation with the help of its characters and taught us good lessons on strategy, trust and leadership.

Here the ones who give us major learnings and that’s also why they have survived so far:

1. Cersei Lannister – Loyalty To The Family Is Everything

Cercie is the one character who would do anything, literally anything for her children and family in any given circumstance to save them from any harm. She planned, plotted, and executed every strategy to keep her family safe without any mercy. She burned the entire faith army to safeguard her son. Keep your family close and you must do anything to protect them.

2. Jon Snow – Listen To Everyone But Make Your Decisions

He takes a decision like not another leader. He listens to everyone but at the end, do whats right for everyone – uniting northerners and wildings, fighting white walkers all decisions which made people doubt his leadership. As a leader, you must listen to everyone in the clan but you should take a decision which is better for everyone even its not the favorable to you.

3. Samwell Tarly – Make Knowledge As Your Strength

This boy has come a long way, from a shy, scared and hesitant to bold, courageous and full of knowledge. He made his curiosity as the best weapon and his knowledge of his strength. He was the one who found how to kill a white walker.

4. Jamie Lannister – Sometimes Love Is Answer To Everything

From being called the ‘King Slayer’ to surviving with just one active hand till now, he has done a pretty good job. He has been very loyal Cercie and has loved her with all his a heart. It very tough to hate and love him at the same time.

5. Brienne of Tarth – Define Your Own Kind Of Beautiful As A Woman

Often women are called manly, aggressive and big. This one made it her strength, she kept her oath to protect Arya in all conditions, she is the ultimate example of women empowerment.

6. Bran Stark – Do Not let Bad Things Control You & Find Your Magic

You must not lose hope in all circumstances, you never know what life has stored for you. Bran struggled few seasons to find out that he possesses the most extraordinary gifts anyone can have in the whole Westeros. He can not only fly with the help of ravens but can see the past too.

7. Arya Stark – What Does Not Kill You Makes You Stronger

She has had one of the best transitions as a character in the show. But one thing never changed her badass personality. From a troublemaker to a faceless assassin, now that’s what ‘making lemonade out of lemons’is all about.

8. Daenerys Targaryen – How To Make Best Of Everything Around You

She is the character which has useful resources and her circumstances to reach where she is now, right from the beginning. From sold as a slave to Dothrakis to taking the charge f Dragonstone, she knows which side to lean and which side to burn.

9. Sansa Stark – Every Failed Relationship Teaches You A Hard Lesson

From a sweet little princess to feeding Ramsay Bolton to his own dogs, now that’s what is called coming out of the comfort zone and taking charge of your life. She has learned from men in her life, betrayals and hardships she has faced as a woman.

10. Tyrion Lannister – Accept The Way You Are And Cherish It

His entire life, he was judged on his appearance, on being a dwarf by his sister, father, and the whole world. He not only knows how to embrace your shortcomings but also uses it as a defense mechanism from the rest of the world.

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