Book Review: Emotional Agility – Your Gateway To Emotional Resilience!

Our childhood creates the foundation of our emotional resilience. We observe our parents, we learn in our schools, we analyze other’s behavior and we adapt. If it’s not directed and molded properly, it becomes one of the reasons why we struggle with it in our adulthood.

Emotional Agility is something we all struggle with one in a while, in professional life and personal life. Often driven by how we should behave and feel in a given situation ignites a war within ourselves in regards to what we want to do and feel than what should be done and felt.  Mostly, we struggle with our emotions when a change happens in our life, it can be city shift, job shift or change in relationship status.

While trying to excel, keeping it together, we bottle up the fears, insecurities, and feelings which often makes us miserable.  This book is not just good for the people who are going through something but for everyone. It helps you understand your actions which are often driven by emotions than information.

The chapters in the book talk about impediments to improving your emotional agility whilst, tools to help you make the emotional shift, and guidelines to build emotional agility in your personal and professional life.

So, if you are feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or mentally not well. Read this book, it will help you find answers. It might not solve your problem but will make you emotionally agile to make better decisions which are driven by information and logic.

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Excerpts from the book!

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