DELHI – A Booming Love Affair!


An uncomfortable phase. As far as I remember, change has never scared me, I have looked forward to new cities, people, and opportunities.

Moving to this city meant giving away everything, it meant exposing myself to a new culture, new people, and new environment, I did it anyway. Though it this did not start well, but then this city gave me everything I deserved, eventually, it gave me home away from home, a place I love going to work at and so much love that it is overwhelming.

When you are an outsider, Delhi’s perception for you is limited to pollution, traffic, and woman-unfriendly city. I moved with the same perception as well. But last few months have changed my thoughts towards this place.

This place provides you with the best food possible, with chicken kababs in every corner, aloo-pyaaz parathas, never-ending chat list, golgappe from heaven, and a never-ending variety of momos, Delhi knows how to feast. Here, shopping is an ultimate delight, Delhi has got a shopping space for every clothing type, and every pocket size, from Lajpat to Khan market to the fanciest mall, you will have a place to shop anything you want, with any budget you want.


Power and history, you will have enough places & monuments to see and explore. It has great places to hang out and chill, from North Campus to Connaught Place to Hauz Khas, you have multiple choices, all you need to do is gather your friends and have a good time. The city is lush green, places like Embassy Road are a blessing, traveling in the night on those roads is the best experience you will ever have, with loud music on, lush green trees at both the sides and wide roads, you will forget the hassle for a while.


The people, they are the best part of this place, they are loud, unapologetic, blunt, loving, and know how to have fun, even indoors. I had heard a lot about house parties of Delhi but let me tell you, it’s true, it’s actually lit.

Delhi has been refreshing for me, from finding my favorite book cafe to the favorite chill spot to the favorite road to drive to favorite momos place, I am building a home here with all the things the city is offering me, constantly, everyday. I feel I belong here, this loud city in the day, calm in the night feels more like me than anything else. It has so much to offer, the city lets you be anything you want, gives you everything you want, and accepts you just the way you are.


I have had quite favorite moments till now – the day I leaned bargaining, the day I found my go to cafe, the day I went for a ride to the calmest place ever, the day I found two best friends to rely on, the day I danced outside parliament, and the day I finally felt home.

It has given me much more than I could ask for and it looks like this is gonna be for real long.

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