Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand – Your Heavenly Weekend Getaway!

When I started my journey for this beautiful place, my co-passenger on the bus asked me,“What’s your purpose for this trip?” I had to take my headphones off to think. I said, “I don’t have a purpose, honestly.” I believe, you should not have a purpose to travel, Why to put so much pressure on the journey you have not even taken yet? Will you be not disappointed if you do not find what you were looking for?

No doubt it gives you peace and some detachment from the hustle bustle but let’s leave till there. People go for soul searching, to find answers and make decisions, all it does is, gives you free time to think without any disturbance and interference. The answers and the decisions, you gotta make.

The trip was all about, scenic views, chai-maggie, and people, especially 4 Mumbaikars, who I adored dearly. These four were on a road trip and were camping at the same place where I was put up. I heard them speaking in Marathi and raaaaan to them. Common guys, I had to. They brought back all the reasons why I honestly and deeply miss Mumbai. The Bonfire, discussion about Poha and Wada Pav in the north, talking about the memories of Mumbai, and life in general while watching the rain was my favorite part.

About the place:

Dhanaulti, is a small town situated in elevated Himalayan peaks near Mussoorie. Let me tell you in advance, the location does not have grand attractions but it does have small and serene spots you can go trekking, stay and admire.

How to reach there?

By road, you can take buses going to Rishikesh, Mussoorie, and Dehradun from Delhi. By Rail, you can get down at Rishikesh Railway Station or at Dehradun, both are nearest railway stations. And by air, Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest one. I suggest you take the bus, it is convenient, fun, and easily available.

Best time to go?
February – August, the sky is clear and has the pleasant weather to soak in.

Here is the timeline of my trip:

The route:

I took the overnight journey, so I woke up to fresh air and lush green mountains, there is nothing else you want to wake up to. You must carry a jacket or a shawl because it gets very breezy and cold sometimes in the night and morning.

The roads:

If you have to reach your camp, you gotta trek at least 1-2 km to reach there and if you want to get back on the main road, vice versa. Make sure you carry a trek or sports shoes because the roads are slippery and muddy. AVOID WHITES, because WHY?

The food:

The camps provide you decent food but make sure you carry munchies and juice for the route, trek, and night. As the places are very isolated, you might not get shops very frequently.

The stay:

The tents provide by the camp-o-royal were nicely located with a view. I literally woke up to a breathtaking view, watching the clouds passing by, pouring rain from the tent and sipping chai. I spent quite a good amount of time watching the clouds, JEEZ.

The hikes:

I did two treks, the one which was my favorite was near Uniyal gaon of Tehri District. The destination was Surkanda Devim, a Hindu temple situated 10,000 steps above. It is very tiring and exhausting treck because of the elevated route. But the view is worth it, you can see entire range clearly. The weather was breezy and cloudy but hot sometimes due to direct sun.

The people:

Bonus picture, the lovely Mumbaikars.

I went for the trip through Travel Triange. The tour is managed by Travel Triangle Destination expert team. They connect with you a day before to plan things out and details related to the trip such as departure, reporting time etc are shared 24 hours before the trip. You can choose packages which include traveling, staying, food and the rest of the necessary things. You can visit and stay wherever and eat whatever you want but that’s not covered in the trip cost.

Must: CARRY SUNSCREEN. The Himalayan tan is a stubborn one, you won’t realize it while you are there but once you come back home, you don’t wanna end up looking like a rotten tomato. Please take care of your skin.

All in all, it was a great trip. You can book your trip here: https://insider.in/dhanaulti-adventure-camping-april13-15/event


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