Pune’s Cafe GoodLuck: Heritage, Chai and Bun Maska

When I think of Pune, there are many places which come in mind, one of them is this wonderful cozy old cafe filled with aromas of delicious food. Cafe GoodLuck is an old-school cafe located in the heart of the city, near Fergusson College road and was established in 1935 by Hussain Ali Yakshi, it is one of the oldest Irani places in Pune, yes, you read that right.

The best part is, even after all these years, the restaurant refuses to lose its charm. The usual day at the restaurant is – it is packed with people inside and there is a queue outside to get a spot inside.

The cafe is not fancy at all, the interior consists of plastics tables and chairs, servers hustling around to attend the tables. The restaurant runs throughout the day, serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is often filled with students who have visit for a quick bite.

Punekars who live near the cafe, from areas such as Deccan Gymkhana are regulars at the cafe for morning chai and Bun Maska (that Cafe GoodLuck themselves bake). Stars like Dev Anand, David Dhavan, Rajesh Khanna were visitors at the place while they were studying at the Film Insititute.

The other specialties which are served are Mutton Keema with Romali Roti, Bheja Fry, Caramel Pudding, and variety of omelets at a very reasonable price.

So, if you are visiting Pune, you must stop at this Iranian delight.

Pro tip:

If you are eating bun maska, split the bun in half and dunk it in the cup of chai, and enjoy.


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